It was another good night at the D-Spot in Southwest Houston for Week 2 of the Grown Up Sports Leagues Thursday Adult Men’s Basketball League. Let’s take a look at how the games shook out.

Grown Up Sports Spring 2012 Men's Basketball

6PM: Blue Chips v. J-Crew

The first game of the evening saw J-Crew, the team that always falls just a bit short, against the upstart Blue Chips team. J-Crew, now with the additions of GUS Leagues Champions, Earl Robertson and Ivan Lambert, looked amped up to prove the doubters wrong. Jason Sigaran got J-Crew off to a red hot start, hitting the first ten points of the game including a pair of threes. Joining in on the action was Jason Gardner, nailing four out of five threes on the day and finally getting his swagger back. As Blue Chips struggled to battle back, they found the brick wall, Ivan Lambert, standing tall and talented, protecting the rim with a GUS season-high 6 blocks.

With the team down big, team captain Seth Norris looked at his team, beaten and bruised, and made an announcement. “This is your time. Their time is done. It’s over. I’m sick and tired of hearing about what a great basketball team J-Crew has. Screw ‘em. This is your time. Now go out there and take it.” Using his words as inspiration, David Lindner checked into the game and turned his swag up to unparalleled levels, juking the defense with behind the back moves never seen before. Unfortunately, the deficit was too large to overcome and J-Crew took home the victory. The improved play of Blue Chips should concern any of their upcoming foes.

J-Crew wins 92-24

GUS Player of the Game: Jason Sigaran: 21 points (7/15 fgs), 5 3 PM, 7 rebounds

Grown Up Sports Spring 2012 Men's Basketball

7PM: Team VA G Ballers v. Blazers

The Blazers geared up for this game, fresh off a narrow defeat from the Afro Boys, ready to prove to the world that last season’s near championship run was no fluke. As the game tipped off, Jay Sutaria showed off a vast array of quick drives and long 3’s that left the VA defense confounded. Complementing Sutaria was Royce Young, displaying his patented herky-jerky style and getting to the basket for easy buckets, and Dave Boettcher, with his silky smooth, unselfish play in the post.

However, the G-Ballers were not going down without a fight as Kevin Charles went absolutely inferno. His ferocious attacks in transition and chasing down offensive rebounds were relentless, netting him a GUS season-high 36 points and 14 rebounds. Charles not only cut into the deficit with every drive, but eventually generated a lead for the G-Ballers that they took late into the game. Complementing Charles was Bassey Ekong, giving serious big body work to the Blazers defense. With his team down, the unassuming Bostin Biamonte laid into the G-Baller defense, nary missing a shot down the stretch to bring the game back into reach. As Biamonte and Charles exchanged buckets down the stretch, it was Charles’ scoring acumen that won this round, and the VA Ballers the game.

Team VA G-Ballers win 70-66

GUS Player of the Game: Kevin Charles: 36 points (15/25 fgs), 14 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals

GUS Leagues Spring 2012 D-Spot Men's Basketball

8PM Game: Letsgetit v. Crazy Pirates

This matchup was the battle between two title hopefuls. To start the game, Letsgetit looked primed to run away with the game behind the inside presence of Byron Shelton and a duo of three pointers by Claude Cox. With the game quickly escaping their grasp, Crazy Pirates’ Kenneth Bechtel displayed his offensive touch from the outside, hitting a multitude of mid range jumpers that would make David West proud. Crazy Pirates down ten, this is when we saw one of the finest duels in GUS League history.

In 1988 there was Bird v. Dominique. In 2008, there was Lebron v. Pierce. In 2012, there was Tom Schnakenberg v. Byron Shelton. With his team down ten in the second half, Tom put the team on his shoulders, displaying an unrivaled pursuit of greatness with his streaking drives to the basket, post moves and dishes to his open teammates such as Joe Mallon, who invariably converted the easy attempts. With the game tied up, Byron was not to be outdone, nailing a pair of 3 pointers to go along with his nifty footwork in the post. However, with the game tied, and a chance to put it away, free throws proved his Achilles heel. With neither team able to put the game away in regulation, Tom ruled the OT period, hitting a crucial, go ahead jumper. Down two, Letsgetit had one last chance to tie the game up, but an untimely turnover proved costly as they lost their season debut.

Crazy Pirates win 55-51

GUS Player of the Game: Tom Schnakenberg: 27 points, 11 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals

GUS Leagues Spring 2012 D-Spot Men's Basketball

9PM Game: Persepolis v. Team SWAG*

The final matchup of the evening saw the free agent team face off against the newly signed up team Persepolis. Persepolis took an early lead in this one, and never turned back. Utilizing their size advantage, Persepolis displayed an offensive prowess the likes of which the GUS Leagues hadn’t seen to date. In particular, Ray Jr absolutely torched the box score, putting up the most ridiculous line in GUS History; 17 points, 23 rebounds and 7 assists (with 4 made 3’s), making him a front runner for the GUS Leagues MVP.

Down big, Muddassir Siddqui rallied his team with his passionate play, inspiring others to take note. SWAG flirted with some late game heroics on the strength on Brad Macafee’s hot hand (5 three’s) and Blake Myers pure determination (14 points, 7 rebounds, 7 steals), but alas too little too late. SWAG is still missing some key additions and is primed to be a dark horse this season. Persepolis have now made themselves known.

Persepolis wins 61-47

GUS Player of the Game: Ray Jr: 17 points (4/6 3ps), 23 rebounds, 7 assists

No Box Score Yet*

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