After seeing Elmer kill it in the first ever GUS Leagues 3 Point Contest on Tuesday, we were all waiting with bated breath to see what the participants of the Saturday Men’s Basketball League had in store for us on Saturday. Lets take a quick look at a recap of the contest.

Kunal Patel got us off to a hot start, though he deemed disappointing as he was ready to pack up and leave. James Thai showed us through the first three racks why he has been one of the best three point shooters in the league all season, but perhaps it was the wear from the days games that saw him cool off down the stretch. Things picked back up with Manny absolutely killing it, hitting the round high 19, followed by Trill doing what he does best. Brian Cardenas looked fantastic after the first rack, nailing 5, but cooled off down the stretch and eventually going cold. Tony Ma started slow, but turned the heat on, and narrowly missed the money ball on the final rack that would have sent him to the finals. Phillip Castleberry closed out the first round on fire, but he couldn’t overcome his slow start to make it to the tear away pants portion of the shootout.

  • Kunal Patel – 19
  • Trill – 14
  • Manny – 13

KP started off the second round and he was on fire. Nailing shot after shot, he showed the shooting touch that had been LetsGetIt’s beacon of hope all season. As each shot poured into the basket like silk, Kunal was quickly gaining himself a new nickname… the Webmaster. Scoring a 19, the heat was on the duo from Trail Mix. All season Trill had hit clutch shots, and he knew this was his time to shine. However, half way through the round, Trill seemed to make up his mind not to compete in this one. When asked what happened, he said, “I have a Championship Game later… I’m saving the good shots.” As Manny stepped up, he seemed to take a similar approach, going cold where he was red hot earlier, making Kunal “The Webmaster” Patel our winner of the Saturday 3 Point Shootout.